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Providing retail solutions to our clients for over 30 years


Committed to providing class-leading products, in-store servicing, and quality built profit center display units for the best possible presentation of our products, in order to maximize your sell-through. Our products are also backed with the best warranty in the business! 


Our customers are typically retail partners that operate within the province of Ontario, Canada, and sell premium quality kitchen gadgets, cookware, wine accessories, and entertaining products, including fine quality European glassware and glass storage solutions. 


Looking for professionals that can truly bring value to your business? Then call us toll free 1 (888) 689-5889 and make an appointment to discuss our award winning product lines, and learn how we can help you make 2018 your best year ever!  


To learn more about the companies we represent, simply click on the company logo located to the left of the screen. Want to purchase any of the products shown on our website?  Please call, or email us at


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Contact our office and we'll send you your own personal login credentials. Once logged in, you can download our latest e-catalogues, and more!



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